ZYGADOX Acquires InternMe Australia

InternMe Co-Founders

ZYGADOX has Acquired InternMe Australia for its Recruitment Technology

Nadia Grant
20 August 2019

Melbourne, Victoria (20 Aug 2019) – ZYGADOX®, the cutting-edge software development company behind ZYGAVERSE® and the ZYGADOC® evolved resumé technology, and the development partner of well-known brands such as Printabox, PrintCloud and DIY Direct Mail, today announced a recent acquisition to enhance their current employability-based offering.

The acquisition of InternMe Australia, a Melbourne based recruitment platform initially built to match university students and graduates with businesses offering internships, further increases the value ZYGADOX brings to the job market and, in the future, university recruitment. “The acquisition of InternMe Australia brings valuable technology, know-how, and processes in-house, and allows ZYGADOX to leapfrog years of software development while capitalising on established processes created by InternMe Australia”, said Jayden Kafanelis, CEO and co-founder of ZYGADOX.

By acquiring InternMe Australia and the technology behind it, ZYGADOX has effectively saved itself 2 years of software development, scoping, and project management, and now benefits by being able to easily connect the dots of the two employability-based software platforms it now manages.

The ZYGADOC evolved CV technology, in conjunction with organisation management tools and job board functionality inherent in InternMe’s architecture, foreshadows a new paradigm of job applications and talent sourcing for the future, with some industries already in ZYGADOX’s line of sight.