We are a passionate committed team that constantly goes above and beyond. We love what we do and the future we are forging to help you with employability and education.

Jayden Kafanelis ZYGAVERSE Headshot

Jayden Kafanelis

Chief Executive Officer

Previous founder experience with a passion and dedication to the hustle, he is always making stuff happen.

Dan Grant ZYGAVERSE Headshot

Dan Grant

Chief Technology Officer

Entrepreneur and futurist with a passion for inventing cool tech.

Nadia Grant ZYGAVERSE Headshot

Nadia Grant

Chief Brand Officer

Resident actor and filmographer with over 15 years experience in brand & design experience.

Eddie Custovic ZYGAVERSE Headshot

Dr. Eddie Custovic

Advisory Board Member

Employability champion, professor and entrepreneur.

Zinka Bejtic ZYGAVERSE Headshot

Dr. Zinka Bejtic

Chief Learning Officer

Learning specialist & university professor, deep knowledge of graphic design and multimedia.

Adam Summers ZYGAVERSE Headshot

Adam Summers

Studio Manager

More than 25 years experience in publishing, design and management.

Zach Keeping ZYGAVERSE Headshot

Zach Keeping

Senior Application Developer

Next level programmer with excellent trouble shooting skills and an innovative streak.

James Curnow ZYGAVERSE Headshot

James Curnow

Content Crusader

More than 7 years as resumé writer with a strong past in recruitment.

Julian Shaw ZYGAVERSE Headshot

Julian Shaw

Project Manager

More than 35 years in software design and management.

JayTee (John Tompkins) ZYGAVERSE Headshot

JayTee (John Tompkins)

R&D - Fluidic Design

Industry innovator & problem solver.